By Nuverse

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-10-18
  • Current Version: 10.13.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 225.96 MB
  • Developer: Nuverse
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.81145
From 59,948 Ratings


Unleash the entire Marvel Multiverse in this fast-paced card battler. Assemble your MARVEL dream team from a super roster of your favorite heroes and villains—then make your move. MARVEL SNAP is fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler that puts you in control of it all. SUPER FAST GAMES No more waiting around! Every game lasts only around three minutes. We cut out the fluff to focus more on the good stuff. EVERY MATCH FEELS DIFFERENT Play your cards at 50+ different locations from across the Marvel Universe, each with iconic game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, new locations are introduced weekly to put your creative problem-solving skills to the test. "SNAP" TO RAISE THE STAKES (AND RISE THE RANKS) Feeling confident about your chances of winning? Just "SNAP" to raise the stakes during a match. Hey, even if you're bluffing—you could double your rewards! I AM GROOT I am Groot. I AM Groot. I am GROOT. I am Groot? I am Groot. I AM GROOT! I am GROOT. I am Groot? COLLECT AND UPGRADE YOUR MARVEL FAVORITES No other game lets you collect, mix, and match hundreds of hero and villain variants from the entire MARVEL Universe—and beyond. You might have a classic comic inspired Iron Man card, but do you also have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants? Endless art styles let you flex your favorites in unique new ways. You do YOU! DAILY, WEEKLY, & MONTHLY UPDATES MARVEL SNAP stays fresh and exciting with new cards, new locations, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new challenges, new missions, and new events on the regular. Come harness the power of every Cosmic Cube in the Multiverse and see how you measure up against the competition. That's MARVEL SNAP! See you in game.



  • It was fun

    By ucismixmaster
    It started off fun but the power creep of the cards after only 2 months has crushed any enjoyment I once had. There’s very little reason to play cards turns 1-3 since any advantage held will just be wiped away with the late game cards. The 3 zones started off enjoyable but quickly became a hindrance to the fun. It feels like there’s a formula running in the background to ensure that the opponents I face have a deck that is made more advantageous with the zones in that particular game. Essentially it’s just too much RNG at this point to hope you get your turn 5 and 6 cards that you built around. Also there’s no system to get a card you really want. You have to simply grind and hope that your next unlock is that card. So some players are very lucky with the best cards in the game and others are still waiting. Lastly, please take away all effects that make me play cards from my opponents hand. I built my deck to play it, not to have my opponent beat me with my own cards. You can do better, but the future of the game is at risk with the power creep in series 5 cards.
  • Final a good mobile game

    By an0nymous967
    Super fun and no ads finally some competition for COC or CR.

    By cdawg:P
    This app is awesome but the only thing that would make it perfect is if there was a way to play against people you know in real life. Hint hint game developers lol.
  • Best mobile game there is right now.

    By intgroom
    It’s a really balanced game. Seriously addicting.
  • Awesome game, just needs one thing…

    By Crocky825
    Game is amazing! My friends and I love it! The only thing it really needs is the ability to add/play with friends. Both friendly battles and a 2v2 mode would be the icing on the cake for this game.
  • 趣味高、娱乐性强

    By 金色贪魔
  • Decent card game, extreme cash grab

    By Chriscrazy99
    Using every trick in the book to persuade you to spend money, not like exchange a fair amount of money for a decent game, no, like do everything possible to get you spending money at every single turn if you want anything cosmetic or competitive. Honestly this game feels designed by world class psychologists to get you to make that first micro transaction and build on that sunken cost theory. Go buy a game that has a more balanced value proposition, I’m all for spending month for games, creating them isn’t free. This game is just downright greedy for a subpar cointoss style card game.
  • Almost perfect!!

    By SourPatchBro
    I think this game is solid!! Stuff is a bit pricey for a card game but if you’re a battle pass person, this game is great. Keeps your decks evolving but sometimes you feel like you’re not getting any new cards lol. BUT I WOULD LOOK PAST ALL THAT IF YALL WOULD ALLOW ME TO PLAY MY FRIENDS!! Take some inspiration from clash royal and how they do with multiplayer and giving me the social environment
  • Arbitrary Game Mechanics Defy Logic and force Pay to Win

    By jdoorn14
    The game developers arbitrarily defy their own rules for game mechanics in order to force people to pay in hopes they can get cards that can counteract the arbitrary violations. Support is a joke. They want a screenshot of everything in order to take a support request seriously, like every player is actually a beta tester. They only regurgitate the same scripted responses and will never admit the game logic is flawed and arbitrary. I’m only thankful I delayed spending money until I could adequately determine how heavily pay-to-win this game is. Hint: if you want to get beyond Gold level, be prepared to sink hundreds or more into the game.

    By J0SH6777
    First of all I want to make clear that I absolutely love this game and see all the potential it has but the micro transactions are so bad and unrealistically expensive that it discourages me from spending any money on this game. Then the variant shop makes it so freaking hard to even get a variant for any of the cards you actually use ( easy solution put in a system that checks which cards you play the most and cycle out variants of those cards for players variant stores) or (allow us to have a refresh bottom like the missions one that charges us gold to refresh our variant store) then now the only store that allows you to buy cards you don’t own (which already makes you use currency that you can only unlock through leveling up) now we have to wait a whole 8 hour because you decide to put variants in that shop too?! Why that’s so stupid and such a slap in the face to all your players who genuinely play this game and grind on it. Make some changes because the biggest killer of most card games is the horrible marketing and pricing decisions you all make.